5 Useful Tips Against Back Pain For Everyday Life

5 Useful Tips Against Back Pain For Everyday Life

Chiropractor in Belleville Treats Back Pain

Does your back hurt after a long day in the office? Or bent over after gardening? The reasons for back pain are usually a lack of exercise or incorrect posture. No wonder if the back draws attention to itself painfully at some point. However, with a few simple tips, back pain in Belleville can be relieved and prevented.

Don't take care of things, move them

The body perceives pain as a warning signal - we therefore intuitively protect the affected body region. This reaction makes perfect sense in many cases, for example, if the ankle is sprained or the knee is injured. However, if you persist in relieving posture for a long time with back pain, you usually only experience more pain. The unbalanced posture leads to excessive strain on certain muscle parts - a vicious circle of poor posture, and painful tension is often the result. Therefore, the following tip applies to back pain: get out of your relieving posture and start moving. As a result, existing back pain can not only be alleviated, but the development of new ones can also be prevented. Sports such as aqua gymnastics, back yoga or Nordic walking, for example, are particularly suitable because they train the back without overloading it.

Use pain relievers for back pain in Belleville NJ

To enable pain-free movement, pain relievers are a tip for the acute treatment of back pain. Medicines with active ingredients from the group of so-called non-steroidal anti-inflammatory drugs (NSAIDs for short), which not only combat the underlying inflammation, but are also effective against pain and fever, have proven particularly effective. The active substances belong to the NSAIDs, for example

  • Ibuprofen,
  • Diclofenac or
  • Acetylsalicylic acid.

The pain relievers can be taken as tablets or applied in the form of pain relief ointments and gels. The advantage of external use is that the preparations work specifically at the location of the pain.

Don't let yourself get stressed - relaxation as a tip against back pain

The phone rings incessantly, the email inbox overflows, and in the evening, the children have to be picked up from soccer training - those who spend too much work and private often get back pain. Because stress is not only a burden for the psyche, the muscles also become tense.

That is why an important tip for back pain is: Actively relax. A walk in the countryside, a hot bath or a gentle massage - little time out will help you escape from the hamster wheel of everyday life.

More anti-stress tips for back pain:

Special relaxation techniques such as meditation, autogenic training, or progressive muscle relaxation can make consciously letting go and loosen tension.

With warmth against the pain

Warmth is also felt to be very beneficial for back pain. But not only that: A heat treatment - for example with a hot bath or a hot water bottle - loosens the muscles and promotes blood circulation, which means that pain and inflammation messengers are better transported away.

Maintain (body) posture

Persisting in the wrong posture for hours, for example, at a desk, can lead to painful tension and back pain. To prevent back pain, it is therefore important to observe the following tips at work:

  • The upper and lower legs as well as the upper and lower arm should each form a right angle.
  • Adjust your screen so that your head can look straight ahead (without turning your head or upper body), and your gaze is tilted slightly downwards (top line of characters is below eye level).
  • Alternate between sitting upright, leaning forward and leaning back as often as possible. Office chairs with adjustable backrests are therefore particularly recommended.

Incidentally, the same applies to driving a car. Here, too, the seat height should be set so that a good view of the traffic and the instruments in the car is guaranteed. When stepping on the pedals, the knees must not be fully extended. It would also be ideal if the shoulders are in contact with the backrest and the distance between the headrest and headrest is as small as possible.

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