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The search for disc herniations treatments in Belleville NJ is on the rise as more and more people get diagnosed with this painful injury. What we call a disc herniation is when a spinal disc extends beyond the normal limits of a healthy spinal disc. Disc herniations are also known as slipped disc injuries and to describe the extent of disc herniations, medical professionals use the following terms:

  • Disc Protrusion
    Also known as bulging disc, is when the disc and its ligaments prolapse outward, causing a bulge that presses against the nerves. This can stay as a protrusion or progress into one of the next herniations types. This protrusion leads to a lot of pain and discomfort.
  • Disc Extrusion
    This is when the nucleus pushes through a tear or a weakness in the annulus—the circular exterior of the intervertebral disc that surrounds the soft inner core—leaving the ligaments still connected to the disc. This happens because your body thinks that the nucleus material is foreign, so your body triggers an immune response, which is to attack the nucleus material. This causes a lot of swelling, pain, and discomfort.
  • Disc Sequestration
    Also known as a free fragment, is the type of extrusion that occurs when the nucleus pushes through a tear or weakness in the annulus while actually separating the main part of the disc. This free fragment can travel through the spinal nerves, hurting them as it goes. Because every disc sequestration is different and happens at a different level of force, there is no way to know how severely it will attack. The pain and discomfort that originates from this herniation is usually felt in one of the extremities rather than the back.

Though there are many symptoms associated with this injury and all its types, pain would be the first and most lingering symptom that you will experience in the event that you have suffered this injury. Besides lower back pain, you may also experience weakness and loss of sensation in your limbs, which can most likely cause radiculopathy, a type of neuropathy. Along with this, your body may be suffering from this injury and not portray any symptoms. Even though this is rare, it does happen.

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