How Can You Prevent Back Pain In Belleville?

How Can You Prevent Back Pain In Belleville?

Chiropractic Belleville NJ Back Pain

How can you prevent back pain?

Nowadays, back pain is a widespread disease that is often caused by modern lifestyles: lack of exercise and increasing body weight. However, with simple tricks you can already do a lot in everyday life to avoid back pain in Belleville in the first place.

Prevent back pain with lots of exercise

If you want to do something for a healthy back, you should above all bring more momentum to your everyday life! Back-friendly sports such as jogging or walking should be on the program about two to three times a week.

If you are struggling with your weaker self, you can, for example, team up with a friend or join a training group. Sports are just more fun together!

But not only sport, a few more steps a day are also good for the back muscles. Need some suggestions? By bike to the office, stairs instead of lifts, evening strolls instead of watching TV - it's easier than it might seem at first glance! Special exercises to strengthen the back muscles are also recommended. In a fitness studio, professional trainers can put together suitable motion sequences and correct errors in execution at an early stage.

Targeted stress reduction to prevent tension

Muscular tension is often involved in back pain. These not only result from poor posture and lack of exercise, stress also promotes muscle tension. It is all the more important to reduce stress and create space for more relaxation specifically.

Professional relaxation techniques (for example progressive muscle relaxation according to Jacobson or autogenic training) can be helpful here. But even such simple tricks as a bubble bath, a good CD or a walk in the evening can help to put stress in the place.

Preventing back pain in Belleville NJ: further measures

Other measures that have proven effective in preventing back pain are:

  • Attendance of a back school (posture training for example on how to lift and carry properly, back exercises, stress reduction)
  • Back-friendly workplace
  • Reduction of excess weight on the basis of a long-term change in diet (radical diets favor the yo-yo effect)

Prevent back pain while sleeping

An incorrect lying position or an unsuitable mattress can lead to sleepless nights and be the trigger for back pain.

  • Relieve the spine: Back pain in the morning is not uncommon. Often there is a sagging mattress or an unsuitable pillow behind it. The basic rule for healthy lying is therefore: Relieve the spine. Specifically, this means that the natural S-shape of the spine should also be kept when lying in bed - for a relaxed wake up without back pain.
  • The right mattress: hard or soft? That is probably the first question when it comes to the right mattress. However: When it comes to the degree of hardness, you should decide for yourself what you find pleasant. Therefore: Test the mattress when you try it out and try out different sleeping positions. It is generally recommended that people with a higher body weight should use harder mattresses than "lightweights" - this can prevent their backs from sinking too deep into the mattress. And after ten years at the latest, the mattress should be replaced.
  • The right pillow: Not too high and not too hard - the pillow should lightly support the head and neck. If the pillow is too high or too hard, the head bends, which can lead to painful tension in the neck muscles. As a rule, a relatively flat pillow is more suitable - this is especially true for those who sleep on their stomach. If you mainly sleep on your back, you should make sure that the pillow does not disturb the natural S-shape of the spine. If you sleep on your side, the pillow should fill the area between the mattress and the neck and shoulder area. Since most people change positions frequently while they sleep, a pillow that adapts well - so it shouldn't be too firm - is a good choice.

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