Back Pain In Belleville: How Can You Treat Back Pain? What To Do?

Back Pain In Belleville: How Can You Treat Back Pain? What To Do?

Back Pain Advice From Your Belleville Chiropractor

The possible causes of back pain in Belleville are diverse: physical, psychological or social causes can lead to back pain.

A variety of pain relievers can relieve symptoms.

However, the aim of therapy should always be to combat the cause of back pain.

How does back pain arise?

There is a multitude of causes for the development of back pain, which can influence each other.

Incorrect stress in everyday life is one of the main reasons that can lead to back pain:

  • Lifting or carrying heavy loads
  • Obesity
  • Working with the upper body constantly bent or bending over frequently
  • Excessive exercise or too little exercise
  • One-sided stress with a sedentary lifestyle or entrenched (stereotypical) posture patterns

But of course external, environmental influences (injuries, accidents) and psychological causes can also lead to back pain.

85% of all back pain belong to the group of non-specific pain: the cause of the back pain cannot be clearly determined.

Signs of wear and tear can often be seen on the spine, which could be responsible for the pain, but do not necessarily have to be the cause, because severe wear and tear does not necessarily have to cause severe pain.

A small amount of wear and tear in the wrong place can also cause severe back pain. Specific lower back pain can clearly assign a cause.

These include, for example, herniated discs, porous or brittle vertebral bodies, narrowing of the vertebral canal, metabolic diseases or infections.

What are the symptoms of back pain in Belleville NJ?

A large part of back pain is local, unspecific complaints.

A strong pull, a permanent pressure: these are the typical symptoms of acute back pain. Also, the lumbago is one of the acute onset of back pain. The affected person can hardly move and can only straighten up with severe pain. A pinched nerve causes lumbago - the self-healing tendency lumbago, supported by simple therapeutic measures, is high: every second person has recovered after seven days.

In the case of chronic back pain, the pain can be permanent or occur in phases. The pain is described very differently: it can be felt superficially or deeply and have a dull and diffuse or light, sharp character.

In around four to five percent of those affected, the pain radiates to other parts of the body (especially the limbs) due to irritation or damage to nerve roots, for example, in the case of a herniated disc.

How can you treat back pain? What to do?

The treatment of back pain includes non-drug and drug measures.

Non-drug therapy is an important part of the treatment of back pain. Exercise and sports therapy, relaxation methods such as progressive muscle relaxation (autogenic training ), physiotherapy, occupational therapy, and massages (especially in combination with exercise therapy ) are mentioned above all.

The medical treatment of back pain is symptomatic(The cause of the pain is not treated, but the pain itself) and is used to support non-drug therapy. In this way, the patient can resume its daily activities that one has avoided due to pain. Various medications are available. It is important to note that pain medication may not be taken over a long period of time without medical advice, as this can lead to drug-dependent pain conditions ("analgesic pain") and possibly organ damage.

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