Back Pain In Belleville – Many People Are Affected

Back Pain In Belleville - Many People Are Affected

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Back pain is a real widespread disease. The causes of back pain in Belleville are many. Muscle tension is particularly often the trigger - caused by bad posture, one-sided strain, lack of exercise or stress. The hardened muscles increase the sensitivity of the pain receptors. When there is acute tension, pain sets in.

Even if they are painful: Nonspecific back pain is almost always harmless and usually disappears after a short time. Nonspecific means that diseases such as rheumatism or scoliosis (lateral rotation of the spine) can be ruled out, and no specific cause of the back problems can be found - this is the case for around 85 percent of those affected.

Trigger of unspecific pain

The triggers of nonspecific back pain can vary widely and are difficult to identify. Examples for this are:

  • Psychological stress: Especially in connection with physical overload, it affects the back and neck of many people and causes pain there.
  • Back-straining work: Bending, pushing or pulling are bad for the spine in the long run and can cause back problems. Especially when the movements are carried out incorrectly, or everyday life consists of a poor posture of the spine. For example, lifting without kneeling or staring down at the cell phone can cause back pain.
  • Overweight and lack of exercise: Excess weight puts additional stress on the spine. In combination with poorly developed muscles, back pain is often the result.
  • Long periods of sitting: Due to the one-sided strain on the spine, it promotes long-term pain in the back.

If the problems persist for more than twelve weeks, it is referred to as chronic back pain. In order to avoid this as far as possible, the back should be protected for a short time in the event of acute back pain. Pain-relieving gels with ibuprofen can also help to improve the symptoms. This is important in order to counteract a "relieving posture" that is automatically created by the pain. Cramped muscles due to poor posture can also trigger tension and worsen back pain. Even after recovering from back pain, regular muscle training is essential to prevent new problems.

Sedentary lifestyle and obesity as causes of back pain

Sedentary lifestyle is a known cause of back pain. Because if the back muscles are only stressed on one side and insufficiently trained, there is a risk of shortening of the muscles and painful tension in the back. Obesity is also one of the common causes of back pain. Every kilo that we have too much on our ribs must ultimately also support our back - an enormous burden that we will feel at some point.

Postural errors and monotonous movements are the causes of back pain

Posture errors, for example when lifting or carrying heavy loads, can also be at the expense of our back. In the workplace, in particular, people often do not pay attention to a back-friendly posture.

A lot can be achieved with a correctly set table height, a good office chair and the optimal monitor height. Basically, monotonous movements usually do not pass our backs without a trace. So if you stay in the same position for hours (for example at the desk in front of the PC), you will often feel this through pain in your back. If you want to avoid these common causes of back pain, you can prevent them with a back-friendly workplace.

Back pain in Belleville NJ that is triggered by cause stress

Back pain often occurs with prolonged stress. The reason: The release of stress hormones puts our entire body on alert. This not only leads to restlessness and nervousness, the muscles also become tense. Tension in the back as well as in the neck and shoulder area is the most unpleasant consequence.

When to see a doctor if you have back pain?

Back pain is usually harmless and unspecific, but a doctor should be consulted in the event of these alarm signals:

  • Radiation of the pain into the leg
  • Deafness
  • Tingle
  • Sensory disturbances
  • Signs of paralysis

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